Managed Network

A Managed Network Solution for Your IT Environment

Introducing Managed Network from stc. Get access to faster deployment and peformance whilst securely connecting multiple locations with stc’s AgileWAN, a Managed SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) service. stc’s SD-WAN solution brings digital transformation to your business, simplifying and optimizing application visibility and control. Discover the latest in cutting edge IT and data communications technology, including:

-stc cloud services
-stc AgileWAN platform
-Dedicated customer portal
-24/7 support from our expert team
-Comprehensive efficiency and insight-led reporting

Expand your IT capabilities with stc’s Managed Network, with access to a single self-service portal to manage, control and monitor your network across multiple locations. With Zero-Touch provisioning, stc’s AgileWAN operates over a broad
range of IP transport underlays, to save time and money - establishing and accelerating WAN performance, faster. Plus, with stc’s AgileWAN service you’ll receive the latest network management service updates with on hand 24/7 support, plus the option to maximise or streamline your resources according to fluctuating business demands.

stc AgileWAN

stc AgileWAN is a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) service that allows you to simplify operations and optimise performance across your sites, data centres and cloud environments. With AgileWAN, you’ll have access to a completely managed service with 24/7 support, helping you to monitor, manage and maintain your network from a single portal. Offering you advanced application control and visibility features whilst maintaining end-to-end security, stc AgileWAN further provides comprehensive reporting tools and an embedded wireless backup connection - so you can make the very best of managing your Network effectively.

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